(including Ephesus)

During the tour of the handmade rug manufacturing facility...

They were giving us free booze during the presentation (presumably so that you would buy more rugs!)...

Handmade Turkish Rug

Virgin Mary's House in Mt. Koressos, near Ephesus. This is where she lived during her later years.

The "Wishing Wall" at Virgin Mary's house

Enjoying my very first authentic Turkish coffee. I didn't realize how much coffee grounds were at the bottom!

This is how we arrived in Turkey

In front of the Kuşadası police department


The ancient city of Ephesus

Ancient plumbing components

Ancient columns

Lili, next to more ancient columns

Ephesus Ancient Greek Theatre

Nike, the Goddess of Victory

Library of Celsus

Lili in front of a sculpture at the Library of Celsus